Evidence based McConnell approach to knee problems

15 (Sat) and 16 (Sun) June 2019 08.15 - 17.30 (GMT)

Pure Sport Medicine - Canary Wharf
Level 2
Cabot Place West
E14 4QT


This workshop will teach you the only patellofemoral program demonstrating evidence based practice after an exhaustive double blind placebo controlled clinical trial. In the workshop you will learn assessment skills and treatment strategies to address patellofemoral pain, patellar tendinosis, fat pad irritation, illiotibial friction syndrome, recurrent subluxation, pes anserinus bursitis,

At the completion of the course you will be able to: • assess the static and dynamic alignment of the lower limb in relation to how it affects the knee as well as assessing the alignment of the patella. • evaluate quadriceps and gluteal control. • evaluate the integrity of the lateral structures. • tape to correct patellar alignment and decrease symptoms of fat pad irritation and patellar tendinosis, as well as osteoarthritis, illiotibial friction syndrome and subluxation. • design a home exercise program. • use surface EMG for neuro-muscular re-education.

Day 1

08.15 Registration

08.30 Starting position – how it determines what symptoms a patient will have and what direction a therapist should take with treatment(lecture)

09.15 CMP/PF pain. What is it? Symptoms of patellofemoral pain (lecture)

10.45 Morning tea

11.00 Mechanics of the patellofemoral joint. (lecture)

12.00 Normal and abnormal foot mechanics (lecture)

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Demonstration and practical session- assessment of lower limb mechanics especially patellar orientation, the integrity of lateral structures, hip involvement and foot mechanics (practical)

15.45 Afternoon Tea

16.00 Patient demonstration (practical)


Day 2

08.15 Registration

08.30 Motor control and muscle training (lecture)

09.30 Treatment of knee pain including taping PF pain, dislocation, IT friction syndrome, soft tissue release, stretching hips (lecture and practical)

10.30 Morning Tea

10.45 Treatment of knee pain including taping PF pain, dislocation, IT friction syndrome, soft tissue release, stretching hips (cont)

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Patient followup – (practical)

14.30 Training (practical)

15.45 Afternoon Tea

16.00 Discussion

16.30 Conclusion of workshop

Jenny mcconnel


Jenny McConnell

Jenny McConnell is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist working in private practice in Sydney.

Jenny has been involved in research into patellofemoral, lower limb, shoulder and lumbar spine problems. She has published widely in these areas, has been an invited speaker at over 100 conferences both nationally and internationally and conducted numerous workshops on the management of chronic musculoskeletal problems - patellofemoral, shoulder and spine.

Jenny is on the editorial boards of Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, British Journal of Sports Medicine, The Knee, Manual Therapy and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

In 2006 Jenny was awarded the prestigious F.E. Johnson Memorial Fellowship by the NSW Sporting Injuries Committee for outstanding achievement by an established researcher in the field of science and medicine in sport.

In 2009 Jenny was awarded by the Australian government a member of the Order of Australia honour for service to physiotherapy as a practitioner and researcher, particularly through the development of innovative musculoskeletal pain management techniques and treatment.

The course venue

Pure Sport Medicine - Canary Wharf

Level 2

Cabot Place West
E14 4QT

Pure Sport Medicine - Canary Wharf website

How to get there

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Pure Sports Medicine practice is above the Tesco supermarket in Canary Wharf


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