The Shoulder - Steps to Success - Falkirk

16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun) October 2021 08:45 - 16:30 (GMT)

Life Fit Wellness
Falkirk Business Hub
Weir Street



This 2 days course will present a simple evidence-based approach to the management of shoulder pathology, which is immediately applicable in your clinical practice. It will consider current development in the literature and how they inform the key factors contributing to successful outcomes.

The specific rehabilitation approaches for: dynamic shoulder stability, kinetic chain control, shoulder stiffness, shoulder tendinopathy, culpritis etc will be discussed and accomplished by a practical workshop. These is highly practical course, which contains lots of rehabilitation tips !


  1. To present the current literature regarding dynamic stability of the shoulder complex and explore the application to clinical assessment and treatment.
  2. To present the current literature regarding the pathophysiology of common shoulder conditions and describe the impact on the dynamic stabilisers.
  3. To demonstrate key assessment tools to explore function of the dynamic stabilisers of the shoulder as a basis for treatment planning.
  4. To demonstrate key treatment approaches based on the current evidence to address movement dysfunction in the shoulder complex.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this two-day course the participant should;

  1. Understand current concepts of dynamic stability of the shoulder joint.
  2. Understand current theories relating to the pathophysiology of common shoulder conditions and their impact on dynamic stability of the shoulder joint.
  3. Develop an awareness of current research regarding evidence-based treatment of shoulder pathology.
  4. Understand key assessment and treatment tools for the successful treatment of the shoulder joint.
  5. Have the ability to clinically reason key treatment approaches in the management of common shoulder conditions.

Day 1

08.45 Registration

09.00 The Rotator Cuff & the Scapula: Partners in Crime? Research versus reality & assessment dilemmas:

  • Is it really all about the scapula?
  • What goes wrong in pathology?

10.30 Coffee

10.45 The Rotator Cuff & the Scapula: Partners in Crime?

  • Essentials of treatment.
  • The power of sensory input and making the system ‘fit for function’.

12.30 Lunch

13.30 The Kinetic Chain and Dynamic Slings Putting the shoulder in context: It’s all about ‘normal movement’

15.00 Coffee

15.15 Setting the system up for success:

  • Exercises that work
  • Putting it all together. Start right to move right!

16.30 Finish

Day 2

09.00 What did we do yesterday? A quick recap

09.30 Rotator Cuff Pathology: Tips and tricks Exercise dilemmas- putting the evidence into practice?

11.00 Coffee

11.15 The often forgotten: Other culprits/barriers to recovery The role of the thoracic spine & ACJ in shoulder pathology & simple solutions!

12.45 Lunch

13.45 Getting it right from the start:

  • Steps to Success
  • The power of language & communication. Enhancing exercise adherence.

14.30 Coffee

14.45 So what happens on Monday morning?

  • Case Studies
  • Making the right decisions and knowing where to start!

16.00 Finish

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Jo Gibson (MCSP MSc)

Jo Gibson is a Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist since 1995 working at the Upper Limb Unit at the Royal Liverpool Hospital and a in private practice. She worked as Squad Physiotherapist for the GB Endurance Riding Team for six years and now works on a consultancy basis with several elite sports teams regarding shoulder rehabilitation.

Jo is an associate Lecturer at the University of Liverpool and has co-developed Upper Limb Masters Modules. She lectures Nationally and Internationally about assessment and rehabilitation of the shoulder complex and has published in peer reviewed journals and written several book chapters. Jo is a member of the EUSSER board (European Society of Shoulder & Elbow Rehabilitation) and a co-founder of the International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists, which now runs tri-annually.

Follow Jo on Twitter: @ShoulderGeek1


"Jo is a fantastic motivational and innovative lecturer with a wealth of clinical expertise that is unparalleled in the world of rehabilitative shoulder therapy. She makes the most complex issues easy to understand and is on the cutting edge of new concepts.


The course venue

Life Fit Wellness

Falkirk Business Hub

Weir Street

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Falkirk Grahamston Station is a few minutes walk from the clinic. Falkirk High Train Station is a short taxi ride from the clinic.

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The clinic is located on Weir Street, Falkirk. It is situated right opposite Taiyuan Restaurant and close the junction with Vicar Street. Please beware the postcode may not take you direct to the studio address. The best Sat Nav postcode is FK1 1RA.


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Orchard Hotel In walking distance of the Wellness centre but is in the town centre so could be noisy at night

Premier Inn: There are 2 in Falkirk; Falkirk East which is 5min drive and Falkirk Central 10 min drive away

The Grange Manor Hotel A 10 min drive away from the venue.

Best Western Park Hotel A 10 minute walk away from the venue

The Falkirk Loft self-catering accommodation 2 minute walk away